Changes to UK Employment Law - will they work?

It appears Vince Cable thought so called ‘fire at will’ proposals were a step too far, but how much will a slackening of employee rights really help UK business? Whilst I feel some changes will be useful for employers, many of the employment issues I come across aren’t a consequence of employment law, but rather a consequence of poor leadership! In the UK we have a habit of promoting people to 'management' positions on the basis of their technical expertise as opposed to their people or leadership skills...and whilst we're at it, what the hell is a 'manager' anyway? I'd argue that most people don't need to be managed, they need to be led!
Anyway coming back to the topic, Employment disputes are often the consequence of festering issues that haven’t been tackled at source via a difficult conversation, or are themselves caused by a poor 'manager'. Similarly many businesses apply management as a bolt onto other responsibilities. Whilst this is often inevitable - particularly in smaller organisations - it can mean people management becomes an afterthought. Unfortunately this can contribute not only to problems but also a slowdown in efficiency, customer service and innovation

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